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Luxury Motion

Reclining furniture is quickly finding its way to a majority of homes throughout the nation; and there's a reason for that! No longer are we seeing the type of furniture that initially comes to mind when you hear the word "recliner." Recliners today are smarter and more stylish than ever before! As people begin to turn rooms in their home into home theaters or entertainment hubs, the need for relaxing furniture is apparent, but no one wants to skimp on beauty in exchange for comfort. With leading manufacturers such as Bradington-Young, Smith Brothers, and Himolla, you don't have to. These manufacturers have figured out how to design a reclining sofa that is both beautiful and functional. New features like the articulating headrest and usb ports for easy charging access are some of the brilliant new attributes to motion furniture.

At Carriage House Furniture Company, we have a great selection of luxury motion furniture, available in a variety of top-grain leather and fabric choices. Stop by our showroom and let our designers show you how you can incorporate luxury motion into your space!

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