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Choosing Solid Wood

At Carriage House Furniture Company, we specialize in carrying solid wood, American made furniture. Solid wood is more durable than veneer or particle board and will last years longer than the aforementioned. Here are some reasons why you should choose solid wood furniture:

1. Wood is renewable and sustainable and costs less to produce than steel or concrete.

2. Wood is environmentally responsible because it stores carbon, whereas the production of man-made materials requires huge amounts of fossil fuels and produces harmful emissions.

3. Pound for pound, wood is as strong as steel and extremely durable.

4. Wood has great acoustic and thermal properties.

5. Wood's diversity, beauty, and connection to nature means that its uses in modern society can be both practical and aesthetically admired.

6. Protected and maintained wood will last for hundreds of years and can be repaired, re-finished, adapted, and recycled throughout its life in service.

7. The benefits of wood do not end with its practical applications- once it is finished with, it is 100% biodegradable and can be used as a fuel.

8. Exciting new technologies are enabling the construction of tall, modern wood buildings that are safer and cheaper to build.

9. The uses for wood are endless.

Stop by our showroom to browse through our beautiful collection of solid hardwood furniture!

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