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Sanitizing Your Amish Furniture

At CHFC, all of our Amish furniture comes standard with a conversion varnish. This finish delivers the best long-term quality protection for your wood furniture. Because of this, it can be exposed to many household products.

The finish used on ALL of our Amish furniture can withstand:

Alcohol (100 proof)

Clorox wipes

Diluted bleach- 50/50 with water

Lysol or other disinfecting sprays

Hand Sanitizers

These sanitizing products are safe on your furniture, but should only be used on a limited basis or as needed. When in doubt, read the label and test in an inconspicuous area.


Please note that we have carried primarily Amish furniture for about 10 years. Any furniture purchased prior to that may not be Amish made and should be treated differently. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or message us.

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