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Let It Shine

Lighting is an important detail in interior design as it adds dimension to your space and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Lighting also provides functionality and color to your room. With the right lighting, you can create the perfect mood for your space and add style to your interior. Depending on the setting you have, task-specific lighting may work better than overall space illumination. Lighting also helps determine the size of your space. If your room is dim or dark, your space might end up feeling cramped or small. Lighting can help to create a visually larger space, especially if natural light is not as available. Lighting can also add to or subtract from the overall colors of the room.

With Uttermost, there are a variety of stylish table and floor lamps to choose from. At Carriage House Furniture Company, our designers always recommend starting out your space with a area rug then adding your furniture (sofas, chairs, throw pillows, etc.) and topping it all off with the perfect table/floor lamp.

Check out the Uttermost website for more styles and selections!

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